Apogee™ Counter-top Single
Burner (Hob) Cooktop

The state of the art CookTek® Apogee™ MCxx00G series single counter top cooktop represents CookTek’s® flagship range of induction cooktops. These CookTek® induction cooktops offer enhancements such as finer resolution control via 0-100 power settings, greater number of temperature settings, intuitive touch sensitive control panel, digital timer (with alarm only or auto-power off functionality), and keypad lockout to temporarily prevent others from changing cook settings.


Apogee™ Counter-top Double
Burner (Hob) Cooktop

The peerless CookTek® Apogee™ MCxx02G series double counter top cooktop represents CookTek’s® flagship line of high quality, commercial induction cooktops. They offer kitchen critical enhancements including finer resolution control through 0-100 power settings, a greater number of temperature settings, an intuitive, touch sensitive control panel, digital timer (with alarm only or auto-power off functionality), and keypad lockout to temporarily prevent others from changing cook settings.


Model 301HDSTAR-MAX 15 Ib. Electric Fryer

Star-Max single pot electric fryer has a wide variety of frying capabilities and is perfect for today’s diverse menu selections. No matter what the menu items; onion rings, fries, chicken or fish, Star-Max electric fryer cooks food sealing in the flavor.


Models 615MD, 624MD, 636MD & 648MDManual Gas Griddles

Star-Max Manual Gas Griddles are a perfect match for the budget minded operator. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, the Star-Max manual control griddles out-perform the competition.


QCS1 SeriesCompact Conveyor Toaster

Forced convection system keeps the toaster cool to the touch and extends the life of critical components. The forced convection system increases productivity by re-circulating pre-heated air into toasting chamber.


Model FS-20SSFood Warmers

Server Supreme™ water bath warmers are constructed of stainless steel with a brushed (#4) finish. Their high powered heating element is controlled by an adjustable, precalibrated thermostat. Set thermostat by temperature settings. Each feature a "Power On" light, adjustable leveling legs and a water fill line.


Models Twin FS/FSPHot Topping

Two adjustable precalibrated thermostats control individual 500 watt heating elements. Temperature settings—marked on thermostat knobs—range from 100º F (38º C) to 200º F (93º C). Power is controlled with two ON/OFF rocker switches. The Twin FS/FSP is designed to pump and ladle hot toppings. Comes complete with a lift-off lid and 1-ounce (30 mL) 10" (25.4 cm) Ladle #82561. The pump features a rugged cast valve body and welded construction. Maximum stroke yields 1-ounce (30 mL). Gauging collars are supplied to reduce yield in ¼-ounce (7 mL) increments.


TC12EMeat Processing Machine

To cater for the needs of a large and important sector of the market - the one concerned with meat processing at all levels - SIRMAN offers a wide and diversified selection of professional tools, such as meat mincers and many other useful appliances.



Slice meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, heavy sausages, roast-beef, fish, hard meat and fruit quickly and easily with this quality slicer. Made of durable anodized & polished aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Features precision depth control and a strong, high quality 750 watt motor. Micrometer control dial selects slices from deli-thin to half-inch or thicker. Large multipurpose 12-inch stainless steel blade handles a wide range of food sizes and shapes. The carriage, running on self-lubricating bushes, has an exceptional fluency. Parts remove easily for cleaning. Transmission (with variable speed) to carriage by motor and mechanical arm for endless service life.

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